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Daily receiving life and grace from His constant hand:

"I said to the Lord, 'Thou art my Lord;

I have no good besides Thee.'" Ps 16:2

Sunday, March 11, 2012

News update...

Please pardon the lack of posting!
It’s official! We’re moving back to SC!!!
I will be finishing the last half (Last half ?!? Whoe) of my rotations in SC, and so hubs and I will be staying with Mama and Daddy for a few months to save up for one of these: 
To eventually fill with a bunch of these…
And these…

Operative word being “eventually…”
Back to reality- Mama and Daddy got home safely from Honduras on Friday, February 24!! A special thanks to all that prayed over them and the team!
Mama sharing lunch w her new little buddie :)
I LOVE how he's watching her!

Mama and Daddy's translator- Gricelda

Daddy and Gricelda in the medical clinic

Daddy with Mama's brother, my Uncle Darrol
It was Uncle Darrol's first time going- so glad he could!! :D

Customizing your shirt with a Clemson Tiger Paw...
'Cause it's all about sharing the "truth" on a mission trip
That same day I also finished my fourth rotation at Cape Fear Orthopedics. The next Monday (February 27) I started Fam Med III- and officially commenced packing!
It’s so neat how the Lord works out all the details of our lives, especially when we approach Him about them in prayer. This Fam Med III rotation couldn’t be timelier: 2 hour lunch breaks, laid-back preceptor, half-days Wednesday, AND it is half-way between Fayetteville and Dillon!
So on Wednesdays I’ve been taking a load with me to work, unloading it that night in Dillon, and then driving back to work from Dillon the next day. Weekends have consisted of clearing out space in Dillon or packing, packing, packing in Fayetteville.
I am SO EXTREMELY GRATEFUL for my Mama! She came up this past weekend and, along with my hard-working hubby, we got a pile of stuff packed up, which she was able to take back to Dillon that day.
Mama checking for a pulse with my stethoscope…
Grayson cracking a golf club in half out of sheer exhaustion…
The poses were obviously staged, but each of us has felt something like this at one point or another during this process! Needless to say we covet your prayers!
This weekend was our last in Fayetteville, and this Sunday was our last at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church.  We are extremely excited to be moving back to the SC countryside (and slicing our bills down to a mere fraction of what they are now), but it’s the people and places like SMBC that are putting the ‘bitter’ in this ‘bittersweet’ move.
Wednesday was Grayson’s last night practicing with the worship band, as well as 2 days before his birthday.  We had to celebrate, so I made a quick stop by the Harris Teeter bakery
slaved all day over a homemade strawberry cake.

We’re gonna miss you guys!!!
Back to resting up w Hubs and Pup… Got to get ready for all the driving, packing, patients, and studying that await this week!

Please, please, please remember us in your prayers
these next few weeks!

“You have enclosed me behind and before,

and laid Your hand upon me.”

Psalm 139:5

Blessings- Katie


Unknown said...

I can't believe you are almost finished with your school at Methodist! CRAZY! Such an exciting year ahead! Love you girl! Can't wait to see you in LESS than 3 months! AHH

Jennie said...

OVERJOYED that you are coming back to SC. When God was knitting you together in your Mama's womb, He made you extra special.
Hugs from here,

Jennie said...

OVERJOYED that you are coming back to SC. When God was knitting you together in your Mama's womb, He made you extra special.
Hugs from here,