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I have no good besides Thee.'" Ps 16:2

Monday, August 30, 2010

Every new beginning...Another beginning's end

Sleeping hubby-check. Past my bedtime- check. Thoughts galore-check. You know what that means- blog time!!!

What an absolute whirlwind the past 2 weeks have been! But an awesome whirlwind :)

It would be impossible, to sit here now, and recap all the fun final adventures we’ve been having and all the lessons and experiences the Lord has been impressing on me along the way.

So I’ll keep it brief and try to hit part one of the last highlights of the summer :)

Home is finally, finally feeling settled- really feeling like ‘home’ Just enjoying the last of our lazy summer days together- family and friends, grilling out, exploring the town.

King o' da Grill!!

Just helpin out...
Notice I have my finger over the lid-
knew if I didnt there'd of course be the chance that we may have some SERIOUS issues on our hands...

Hmm, super excited ab the food?  Or that its not burnt?
Maybe both :D

As all the faculty, staff, and students have continually made known- PA school is PACKED and TOUGH. At least this FIRST semester is anyways… all kinda downhill from there :)

SO you BET this summer, and these last two weeks, have consisted of cramming in and cherishing LOTS of fun times with loved ones! Met up with some old college friends that live here in NC- Jake Goetze and Lauren Faison- at the Smithfield outlets to hang out a while.

The Newly Engaged Couple!!!
Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Goetze!! :D

I dont know why he's doing this face.
Maybe he'd been bad and couldnt get any icecream.

Da old married couple :D

This is a super cute pic- but all I can think when I look at this is...
'Jake is realllllly tallllll'

Man oh MAN! A big chunk of my med school equipment came a few weeks ago- INCLUDING- my Littmann Master Cardiology III Stethoscope!! That thing is LEGIT!! Had been using a Littmann Classic II Pediatric Edition as a medical assistant- but this Cardiology one is crazy intense!

Its finally here!!!
Everything is starting to become so real!!!

Katie Freel Smith, Physician Assistant

So moments after getting my stethoscope- I also got my first patient. My lil upstate hubby had never heard of ‘Redbugs’. So after a Saturday of helping Daddy on his hunting property and getting a massive amount of terribly itchy bites over his legs, Grayson diagnosed them as ‘mosquito or ant bites’

PA Katie to the rescue!  Silly 'upstate' hubby did not believe his 'lowcountry' wifey:

K- “They’re redbugs!!”

G- “What?? Whats a redbug?!”

Nor did he believe how to treat them- clear nailpolish!! He was actually quite mortified to find out that the mean ol redbuggie was still in there, and that the nailpolish worked by suffocating it.

Since my patient behaved so well, and since I accurately diagnosed and treated him, we treated ourselves to Caymanian Rum Cake and Ice Cream! [Lol, did I mention the poor hubby had ‘Pink Eye’ the same time he had the redbuggies??? Bless…]

Mmmm, hot rum cake and vanilla ice cream- tastes like Cayman :D
Tonight I called one of my most precious little friends. She’d just been through a significantly tough challenge this afternoon, and I was calling to see how she was- knowing she may need comfort and encouragement from me.

The challenge was indeed very tough and the comfort was indeed very much needed- but that sweet lil baby…was calm! Upset, yes. Pain, yes. But peaceful!! It was so neat for us both to look at her tonight, and look over her life a year ago and see what MATURITY the Lord had developed in her as she sought everyday for Him.

I sat there on the bed and just listened to her words. Just listened. Because at that moment, that evening in Katie’s world- Physician Assistant orientation was starting the next morning. And for all my dazed surreal calmness and peacefulness…perhaps a storm was on the horizon? I just sat there and listened to that sweet little one’s words:

“You know Katie, the situation today does hurt and I don’t understand, but I’m at peace. It’s ok because Katie I really just don’t know where life will be in two years. I mean- look where I was two years ago! Had NO idea I’d be here today. And there’s no telling where the Lord will place me in two more years, let alone next week or even tomorrow!”

And it was absolutely one of those moments that the Lord was whispering [gracious] reminders in my heart:

“I expect today’s obedience. Now’s obedience. Don’t live in tomorrow. Tomorrow isn’t reality yet, doesn’t exist. It would be futile to focus on -well- what ‘isn’t’ yet. Rest in the responsibility of today.”

The ‘storm brewing’ wasn’t even the actual ‘battles’ I most likely am about to fight. The storm brewing was me subtly, suddenly beginning to fight non-existent battles.

I am incredibly PREPARED, more than I realize.

I am intellectually, emotionally, physically, relationally, academically, spiritually EQUIPPED.

This path been ORDAINED, with power, planning, and providence that has infinitely outweighed ANY competencies of my own.

And I will continue to follow His voice, cling to His right hand, and keep my eyes on this path- until that same voice says ‘Stop. No further.’

As for today, He says, “This is the way. Walk in it.”

And that I will.

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Lauren Faison said...

Love you!!! We had so much fun visiting with you and G in Smithfield!! Praying for you for tomorrow! :0)