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Friday, December 31, 2010

First Semester- CHECK!!

Ughhh, I love blogging. I’ve missed blogging. It’s my crack, basically.
Which is why I seriously would’ve thought there would be at least twenty posts in the past two weeks. Twenty, yes twenty. Hmm, high goals. Overachieving perfectionist-in-RECOVERY here, people.
I told one of my professors about the ‘perfectionist in recovery’ thing a few weeks ago and I thought she was going to suffocate from laughing- ‘what recovery?!?’ Sheesh.

Anyways, back to the stream of consciousness…  Where do I even START? Most chronologically recent events and work to where I left off? Or begin where I left off and work to most recent???
Ooo, I got one for ya. I call it Katie’s “Are You Ready for First Semester PA School???” Quiz.
Here’s how it goes:
            1. Find the closest Merry-Go-Round.
            2. Grab an edition of War and Peace.
            3. Hop on, spin the Merry-Go-Round as fast as it will possibly go, and crack open that mother of a book.
            4. You have thirty seconds.
            5. And a 247 question test afterward.
And go!
Did you enjoy it?!? Did you do WELL?!?!? If yes, then you are READY my darling friend! :D
Haha, but in all seriousness it DID feel like that. One of the most challenging semesters of my entire life. But so wonderful. It’s the oddest thing to sit here and realize I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I flash back to a month or two ago. I’m in my special nook of the PA building studying. Its dark [so either really late or really early] and I’m on the cell phone with Daddy. His words are as clear as crystal, as if he was speaking them this moment:
“Katie. If I could go back and tell myself ONE thing while I was in Medical School- I would tell myself to calm down. Enjoy your spouse. Your friends. Just calm down.”
Cause the Lord leads you through. Again. And again. And again.
Right now it is incredibly late. Instead of worrying about waking up the ‘sleeping hubby’, I’m cautious about waking up the sleeping puppies- two fuzzy black Yorkshires bundled up together in their lil crib in our study.  Clicking away while making a blueberry toaster strudel disappear. Yeah, will definitely be sweating away at some Pilates tomorrow morning.
Fading fast. Grayson and I are tackling a major nasty cold that hit us simultaneously. Bleh. Fighting it with lots of homemade soup. Calling it quits before tonight before my head hits the monitor. More to come tomorrow- got my blog muscles warmed up…  ;D

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