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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Semester Photo Updates: Scene 1 - Snowpocalypse

Photo Updates!!!!!!

Really wanted to throw up the rest of the Christmas photos... But I decided "It's March."

But then again... I'm from the South.

Which means... I can throw them up in July when I get a hankerin' for  Christmas.

So I will instead begin with this semester's beginning.

Christmas photos, see you in July. I'll crank the Manheim.

Dodgie Podgie. I see your lil cute butt.
And now I see your lil cute face.
And now I see you nuzzling up to my hunky hubby.
Coffee Press. Walker's Shortbread. Praise the Lord.
Look at silly stinky!! Such a good traveler :D
Just sits in my lap, in the warm sunshine, and sleeps....
(I'm sure I won't be saying the same thing when I have 'non-furry' toddlers that I'm attempting to travel with)
I'm pretty sure the windows in this house are MY age.
And when you stick your hand under them, it feels like El Nino blowing in.
Hence = the funky-do-it-yourself-window-insulation- kit.
Funky-do-it-yourself-window-insulation-kit = meet my husband.
They... grew on each other.
After Grayson tamed him with my hairdryer.
This goes under my "Newlywed Memories: We'll Laugh About This Later" File

And look!!! Just in time!!!
Kept us warm during thot thar Snowpocalypse!!!

Life in the South ceased to function for about 4 good days.
All my Northern friends guffawed.

My purdy Violets said "Forget this junk!"
And took a nap.
And woke up 2 weeks later looking gorgeous.
I like beauty naps too, purdy Violets.

Grayson drove to work in 6 inches of snow so they could cancel half an hour later.
No comment.
But my snow buddy is home - yay!
Dodgie wants to know what all that white junk is.
He prefers the hot air vent.
I hear ya lil buddy.
Snowpocalypse Survival Food: Loaded Baked Potatoes!!!
I like sauteed veggies on mine.
Grayson's potatoes swam in some Ranch, drowned, and died. Grayson, baby we kill our MEAT.
One day, Grayson will skip the potato altogether and go for straight ranch.
His unphased wifey won't bat an eyelash on that fateful day.
Mmmmm roaring fire to melt off all the snow from our Snowpocalypse expedition
Dodgie's scoping out the scawwy woodpile/fireplace to make sure its 'safe'
Good boy, honey
And now he wants a treat for his efforts.
There is a speical "Dodger Puppy" area in my cerebral cortex that can't tell that face no.
Seriously, there is.
My handsome boys!!!

***mute the music below!!!***

And watch Dodgie-Podge playing in the snow if you need a good smile :)

Blessings! -Katie

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