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"I said to the Lord, 'Thou art my Lord;

I have no good besides Thee.'" Ps 16:2

Monday, May 16, 2011

“Now we’ve come so far, so fast…”

Two-Year Anniversary.

Two years. Two of them.

Not one. But two.

I’m actually writing this on our two-year anniversary’s eve. Let’s see… What was I doing two years ago tonight?

HA! Oh, you know, like 18 hours before my ceremony, the realization hit me smack in the forehead that I had no idea how to put up a 12-point bustle on a massive silk ballgown. It gets better – we couldn’t even FIND the bustles!

So about half an hour was spent with about 4 (5, 6?) of my darling bridesmaids swimming underneath endless yards of silk, crinoline, and lace with me giggling and laughing in the middle of it all.

After that it was maybe, definitely time to crash the guy’s party at the Vance’s.

Don’t worry… we did ;)

I probably laughed 90% of my waking hours that day.

I was the most calm and happy bride-to-be. It made no sense. Well, yes it did = I had a ton of people lifting me in prayer.

In a matter of moments, the evening went from crazy fun to a dreamy quiet blur. Everyone had headed back to their hotels and friend’s houses. Lights were off in the Freel house.

I hugged and kissed Mommy goodnight. Daddy hugged me a few minutes later as well, “Your last night as a Freel in our home.” I’m surprised I didn’t sob my face off.

But I didn’t. Just happy. Calm.

It was time.

My sweet little Paizley was asleep on my trundle bed. I was glad she could be with me that night. I slipped off for a minute to process, to prayer journal:

“The future I knew would come to pass is here – it has arrived and it will come. I also know that you will hedge us in (Eph 1:17). But what relief and joy in knowing that, above all, Grayson and I will be husband and wife tomorrow. We will be together. No matter the good or bad that may happen tomorrow.

Lord you have been the center today! Let it be so again tomorrow – You at the center of my heart and flowing out into my thoughts and actions. I can’t even begin to pray for specifics for tomorrow.

Joy. Fellowship. Pure. Enjoyment. Worship. Love in all and for all.

Your love covering our hearts, or lives, like rain. Fall. On us. Saturate. With Grace.”

And He did. Oh He did.

More tomorrow, goodnight loves.

Blessings - Katie

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