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Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Semester Photo Updates: Scene 3

By this time in the photo updates, I was hoping to have at LEAST made a good dent in them so that I could start uploading all the CURRENT stories/photos...

...but I haven't.

This is sad because there are a lot of fun/cute/memorable things going on NOW.

And I refuse to go ahead and do the current ones because that would be OUT OF ORDER.

Out of order = unacceptable.

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I am an "overachieving-perfectionist-in-recovery."

MUCH recovery and MUCH better, but that's a story for another time ;D

Bad things happen on the home front around mid-terms...
Like dirty laundry mountains

My lil study buddy...
He likes to curl up beside my desk,
So we made the "Dodgie Cave"

Dodgie Podge likes the heating pad too...
But I'm a little distracted at the moment, thinking about how easy it would be to do a fundoscopic exam on his massively dilated pupil...

Folded clothes AND love notes???
Man, my hubby is a keeper ;)

Awwww... those are so pretty...
And, um, that moment of the semester (in the recent-past) was SO busy
that. I. don't. have. a. clue. where. they. came. from.

Yeah, still dont... whoe...

Mommy's Valentine's Roses - how beautiful!!! :D
One of my favorite rose colors!

Oh my gwah! Love them! How cute are they!
Our class took Lonnie and Sarah out to celebrate their wedding.
Lonnie is in our PA class and Sarah is his Irish, kindergarten teacher bride-

oh, and Lonnie was a bit late- of all nights Sarah accidently left her ring at home and Lonnie just HAD to go back and get it, ha!


The hubbies:
Whitney's hubby Chae, Karolyn's hubby Steve, My hubby 'hubby', and Annie's hubby Jeff

Some PA girlies!
Jennifer, Annie, a little bit of Joy (ha!), me, and Whitney

More PA girlies - Cathy, Tiff, and Charlie
PLUS Cathy's Dr. Hubby - Ashwin

Awesome people!
Richard (in the red, and in our PA class) with his (then fiancee, now wifey!) Natasha
AND A.B. and Tiff - both 2nd year PA students :)

Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Myers
Told ya'll. Those two = ADORABLE

Jeff and Annie Laughlin!!!
Love, love, love them!
Such an awesome couple and a blessing to have as friends!

Tiff and A.B.
Can't wait to be celebrating THEIR engagement/wedding
Almost there ;)

I. Love. Me. Some. TIFFANIES!

Life would NOT be the same without them!
Constant giggles, talking, smiles around these two :D

Da whole gang!!
Well most of us...

Silly photo!!!
Click on the photos to enlarge
For your entertainment/laughter purposes...

Napping on the Vera

Haha, I PROMISE he does more than NAP!

I guess because this is the only time Dodgie is being STILL and photographable :D

Washin my car!
And looking HOTT!!!
Boy am I lucky!

The hose... had seen better days...

A RAINBOW!!!! See it?!?

He's spae-shul...
But we love him...

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