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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Kind of.

Because I'll be "commenting" on the photos, I guess it's not really "wordless."

But look at me, I've already ruined the wordlessness. Go figure ;)

Enjoy Wordless Wednesday!

Look. At. Him.
Could you not just pinch his lil face?!?
Ugh, heart-melting ;)

Sigh, look how purdy the sunlight streaming through the Bradford Pears was... Lovely to wake up to each morning

And if you're thinking "Katie... The Bradford Pears bloomed almost two months ago..."
It means... I'm two months behind in photo's! Ah!
I'm catching up, enjoy the ride :D

This was my desktop photo for a while. Gorgeous.

That day... Was a very special day...

Because on that day... I managed not to get a ticket for this...
Haha, no that's not why it was special
It was special because it was the birthday of Brother Jonas in Uganda!

You can read about (part of) Jonas' story, how I met him, and how we re-connected here

Thank you MUPAP 2012 for helping me make that day special for Brother Jonas!

That was an extremely rough two weeks. 11 Midterms. Dodgie got sick. Parents out of the country. Feeling like Satan was just "rounding the bases" of my life for lots of other reasons.
Looking at this picture reminds me of it. I praise God for being faithful as ever through it, but I also praise His name that I'm on the other side of that season.

I was studying for my Emergency Medicine midterm in this photo.
Dodgie was so comforting to have near that night.
And much like Dodgie in this photo - it is my turn to go pass out.
Sweet Dreams :)

Blessings - Katie

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