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Thursday, June 30, 2011

A PA Student's Guide to Grad School Midterms

Did you hear?!?


Someone sat down with our dear friend “time”

And told him that a WEEK should go by

 In what feels like a DAY.

I wasn’t invited to this pow-wow.

I’m just living the consequences.

I feel like the last I posted was yesterday.

I feel like this semester started last week.

I feel like I need to finish studying for my
Emergency Medicine midterm tomorrow.

Since the latter is the only truth, I’ll keep this post simple…
and share…

Katie’s “Midterm Examination Survival Kit” 

Exhibit A: Christmas Music. Because it makes stress evaporate.

If it makes you feel like a child...
And makes it feel like the Holidays...
You probably, DEFINITELY, need it for midterms.

Exhibit B: Bubble Bath(s). Because it makes stress evaporate. 

Tsch, yes this is my bathroom.


Exhibit C: A ridiculously long nap. Because it makes stress evaporate.

Oops. Ha. Just kidding.
Or, am I? You decide ;)

And don’t forget to throw in-

Farmer’s Market outings with girlfriends.

Everything in this photo (plus flowers)
Was a grand total of...
$20 bucks. Love it.


A "Welcome Home From Class" Surprise from Hubby

PILES of Scripture memory

Need. This.

And finally, oh! Lookie here…  Exhibits A, B, and C make a simultaneous reappearance: Christmas Music, Bubble Bath, and a Nap

ANOTHER "Welcome Home From Class" Surprise from Hubby
Yes, I use Johnson & Johnson :P

Yeah, they’re pretty mandatory.
Time to go make those midterms SUBMIT!!!

Promise, promise, promise that I will get Cayman photos up soon!!!

Blessings – Katie ;)

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Maggieb said...

Thinking of you during all your school stuff! I need to go to this farmer's market! Where do you go!?