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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fonts for Peas?!? Yes Peas!!! :D

Because I am an airhead was extremely busy studying when I posted the "Guide to Graduate Midterms":

I left out one of the most important things!!!

This darling little website online has TONS of cute fonts for FREE that are quick and easy to download! You can use them for word processing, scrapbooking, and even blog headers!!!

The BEST part is that you submit your OWN HANDWRITTING in to her and she turns it into a FONT!!! How cute is that?!? And then she posts it online with all the other fonts for everyone else to enjoy!

"Pea Annie"

"Pea Tammy"

"Pea Sheila"

"Pea Tammi"

"Pea Jack and Jane"
Will I be submitting a sample so that my OWN handwritting can be turned in to a font?!
Um, YES!!!


Blessings - Katie :D

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