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"I said to the Lord, 'Thou art my Lord;

I have no good besides Thee.'" Ps 16:2

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"I'm a sunny soul, watch the day unfold"

Taking a study break to update more Cayman photos :D

This is Cayman Day Number... something...

That's the wonderful thing about Cayman:

Times. Days. Schedules. TSCH.

Enjoy ;)

Cayman To-Do List:
1. Wake Up
2. Get in Water
3. Repeat as necessary
4. It will be necessary
Reading Time/Swim Break w Papa
...if you didn't read this book as a child... you've never lived


This is my niece Daphne.
Daphne is American.
Ergo, Daphne eats Fruit Loops.

This is my nephew Ollie.
Ollie is a Boy.
Ergo, his love affair w electronics has begun.
Particularly elecronics that block out females. They learn young...
The lo0ong (awesome) boat ride out to Sting Ray City
knocked this kid OUT.
Or maybe it was his internal toddler alarm that goes off at 6 AM.
Who knows...

Plunging barefoot into the water with D-O-Z-E-N-S
of 6-foot Sting Rays hovering everywhere
 = intimidating. No matter how many times you've done it.
And you always get a crazy bout of giggle-squealing.
Sting Ray Sandwich

How to Hold a Sting Ray for the First Time:
Step 1: Psyche Yourself Up
You're the junk.
Rocky theme song in back of head advised.

2. Meet your adversary.
You got this.
(and I bet you're humming the Rocky theme song)

3. Success
You ARE the junk
4. Because you didn't know there was a Step 5

5. Which is a big, fat Sting Ray Kiss
Followed by...

6. A complementary Sting Ray massage
... please look at that stinger 

7. And hopefully you packed your goofy brothers
for some anti-climactic comic relief
Captain Ollie holdin the fort down
Tsch... grown ups...

More soon lovies!! :D

Blessings - Katie

1 comment:

Tucker said...

what a heavenly day, Katie! I've read about sting ray city - i think its a must for us one day. love it!