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"I said to the Lord, 'Thou art my Lord;

I have no good besides Thee.'" Ps 16:2

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"Oh, you can't climb when you can't dream"

 “There is no event so common place
but that God is present within it,
always hidden,
always leaving you room to recognize Him
or not to recognize Him.”

-Fredrick Buechner

Sigh... I wish every breakfast could be this yummy!!!
Homemade mango salsa, scrambled eggs, grits, bacon,
fried plaintain, butter toast with black currant jelly,
mango juice, and Earl Grey tea.

Can't ever start snorkling too early!!!
Conversely, and unfortunately, the men in my life would beg to differ that you can get started taking pictures too early... At least 2/3 are smiling!!! :D

The girls turn to snorkle
Sigh, so much fun

Want to be here. Right now.

Sheesh, wish I could be that dark right now

So much world to discover
Belly-laughing over something from the night before
That I can't talk about ;)

Ecstatic about my conch shell!!!

How to play beach volleyball: Step 1- Look hott. Check.
dive for the save

Good ol unnecessarily competitive family friendly beach volleyball

nice Holdie!
Hott? Who me? Absolutely.
Pick up Sister, Niece, and Nephew Take #2
That's them comming of the stairs

My niece Daphne, in the blue - first time out of the country
She immediately began wandering off discovering
And discovering...
We're not really sure why (exhaustion?) but as soon as my nephew Ollie saw us waving to him from the observation deck he started SCREAMING. It probably didn't help that we died laughing...
What's wrong with us
Garrett just doesn't understand the value of photography and likes to mock the massive amount of photos I take. Hence: pretending to be paparazzi as I exit the bathroom "Katie! Katie! It's Katie!"

suck up
They made it!!!

Ollie and Daphne happy to see Papa :D

Mmm, grocery stop by Hurley's on the way home
We thought the mini-wheeler thingies were cute

This kid is HILARIOUS!
Loved playing in the water, esp w Papa


Daphne's first time out of the country- and in the Caribbean!
So much to discover!
Here, she's discovered sand.

The water fun continues

Uncle Garrett teaching a future Tiger fan

Nakie boy with TV remote- this doesn't change.
Mmmm, homemade salsa. And if the fresh tomatos are so-so, this brand is excellent (though pricey!) and so is San Maranzano. Save the yummy tomato sauce it comes in!

Lots of cilantro and black beans- we added some fresh mango too

Oh boy!!! The kids meet a crab!!!
Most. Hilarious. Thing. Ever.
Ollie man did NOT know what to think

Daphne was a lil more adventurous
People: please, please, please mute the music below and
I'm pretty sure we watched it 12 times in a row
till we cried from laughing...
Especially if you pause it @ around 18 sec

what on earth...

Again, you MUST watch!!!

Crab + Child = Overstimulation
I'm pretty sure he ran and screamed for a good 5 minutes.
It was adorable.

"All Thy works shall praise Thy Name

In earth and sky and sea."

- Blessings, Katie ;)

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Emily said...

what an amazing trip!! makes me really want to take a tropical vacation asap!! glad you had such a wonderful time :) xoxo