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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Time needs a speeding ticket

As soon as summer semester ended,
I remember saying something like
"Expect more regular posts from now on"


At the time that I had initally said that,
I remember thinking,  "... watch that NOT happen"
Yeah, it didn't.

I swear I'm still alive!
Well...More than alive=
I feel like I'm living 9 peoples lives at ONCE!!!

Since the last weekend in July,
I have spent a grand total of
weekend in town!!!
And it's almost October!

Charleston, Greenville, Boone, Indianapolis
to name some...

I cannot believe our first final is NEXT WEEK
and that my life in a classroom ENDS


After that it's 15 months of working for free
Clinical Rotations!!!
Of which I'll know the specifics at 4 PM today!!!

I know I've been AWOL in the blogging world-
there've been numerous times where I've been
way to busy to post, but I have to admit this is
THE FIRST time I've been so busy that
I haven't even read anyone else's blogs!!!

Can't wait to see what everyone has been up to!

Anyway's... here's proof I've been alive and breathing
just a teeny taste of the past 6 weeks:

Me, Paiz, and Laura @ Rue de Jean
(perhaps my fave Charleston restaurant)
LOVE those girlies ;)
Sidney, Paiz, Mama, Me, and Mrs. Connie @ High Cotton
(perhaps my second fave restaurant in Charleston)

Impromptu dinner party w some awesome people!!!
Pretend I wasn't an airhead having so much fun
that I forgot to get pictures with our GUESTS

Grabbed these roses as I was picking up last minute ingredients-
can you believe how BEAUTIFUL they turned out?!?

Dur Dur and I at Clemson Pres
Loved this church!!!

Garrett 'honking' Mama
This picture cracks me UP!!!

4 Flights in 72 Hours = Exhausing
Weekend in Indianapolis w Loved Ones = Priceless

Mmmm, Dinner at St. Elmo's in downtown Indianapolis
One of my FAVE Steak restaurants ever!
(Even better than Ruth's Chris!!!)
Some 'Peyton' guy likes it too...

Ahhh, beautiful (chilly) fall day in Boone, NC
Gooooo Mountaineers!!!!

Kidd Brewer Stadium
Can't wait to go back again when the leaves change!

Dodgie Podgie turned ONE on September 21!!!

We got him a special treat from the Doggie bakery 'Woof'
The pic is blurry because he would NOT hold still after we gave it to him!

I also did a pile of studying between the scenes.....
And as I will be doing a pile of studying the next two weeks...
I can't promise how many posts I'll get up during that time...

Anyways, gotta scoot to see what rotations I'll be doing!

Blessings ;D  -Katie

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Lauren Faison said...

So glad to hear from you friend!! I really miss you! Did I see where you came to Greenville and you didn't come by NGU?? Whats up with that?? I am so glad you are doing well! Love you friend!