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"I said to the Lord, 'Thou art my Lord;

I have no good besides Thee.'" Ps 16:2

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Be devoted to one another in brotherly love..."

First of all:



Second of all:

We were BLESSED to be able to give
our sweet Brother Jonas in Uganda
a new laptop for Christmas- Praise God!

We got the laptop for him (as a SURPRISE)
in early December and sent it to Mrs. Beth Heckel,
founder of Think Humanity
to take with her to Uganda Jan 5th.

I asked her to video Jonas opening it,
and received the video tonight :D

Perfect. Timing.

And I am Cloud-9-Out-of-My-Mind excited!

Here's video one:
***Pause the music below***

And here's video two:
Totally sobbing into Grayson's arms during this second one
when I saw how excited our sweet Brother was

This is more precious to me than I can explain.

BLESSED OUT OF MY MIND to be able to help Brother Jonas.

Love him so dearly:
Here is a link to an old blog post that explains how I met Jonas.

Ok, back to endless patient logging and
pouring over study guides for my finals this Friday:
Cardiology and Emergency Medicine- Pray for me!!!

Just wanted to share these videos with you-
praying you're BLESSED as well by them :)

"Each one helps his neighbor

And says to his brother, 'Be strong!'"

Isaiah 41:6

"Remember the words of the Lord Jesus,

that He Himself said,

'It is more blessed to give
than to receive.'"

Acts 20:35

Blessings- Katie

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Lauren Faison said...

How cool that that you guys were able to give him a laptop!