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I have no good besides Thee.'" Ps 16:2

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the CAYMAN continues :D

Holdie throwin football
So proud of that kid :)
Gotta brag on him a bit- he was actually chosen Varsity Co-Captain this year, but a concussion during a scrimmage has him sidelined right now... Thank YOU for every one thats been praying for him
Mmm, my hunky hubby ;)
Eat your heart out Tebow
I love baby dur dur!! :D
Beautiful sunset that welcomed us the first night
Bodden Town at sunset
On the way to get some fabulous jerk chicken at a local joint
too jet lagged to dress up and go anywhere ;)
Some of the most INTENSE games of Uno took place here
I couldn't post all the graphic/violent pics of what happened in the heat of the games
"Put a bo-nana right in your favorite ear"
"...a bo-nana in my ear??"
Ha!! Fresh mango juice and a sunscreen-frosted-face:
How every morning starts in Cayman
Breakfast on the porch-
eggs, bacon, and plantains [of course!]
Mmm, good snorkling times :)
Becky Freel staked out under that palm tree whenever she wasnt snorkling
"I crush your head"
Gettin ready for a snorkle trip!
I lub my family
Gway is SO excited!
Were headed to the Ritz for Father's Day and Mother's Bday Dinner :D
Da purdy flower arrangement- they were all over the place!
You know I was just drooling over them...sigh...
Headed to watch the sun set over the beach before din din
Me and baby dur dur!!
... if you can call a 6' 4" sixteen year old a 'baby'
When we were here a few years ago they played Sade's 'Smooth Operator' in it this hallway
Hearing that song now instantly transports us right HERE
This massive, fabulously creepy painting can be yours...
...for a mere 25,000 CI- or 30,000 US
I think NOT!
I want one of these chandeliers
They had a height contest
Can you believe James Holden Freel is 6' 4" and only Sixteen?!?
Nothin like a Ritz beach at sunset :)
In front of Periwinkle
And those dang boys are still having a height contest...
sibling rivalry?
Dinner at Periwinkle
Happy Hubby!! :D
Mommy and Daddy
Mama had been waiting for their infamous 'Parmesan Truffle Fries' ALL year!!
Me and Huggie :D
tsch, dumpy Ritz bathroom
Happy Birthday Mama!!!! :D

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