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I have no good besides Thee.'" Ps 16:2

Friday, August 13, 2010

Evening with 'My Loves'

...why Bank of America ACTUALLY hired my husband...

the unconquerable piles of laundry
...but popping in an old Audrey Hepburn movie sure makes it more fun :D

Man! Good looks AND talent???

Mmmmmm, homemade blueberry peach cobbler...
will try to get the recipe up later!

Graysby loved it :D

Mmm, gotta love those peaceful dreamy evenings, where all the busy bustle of the outside world just kind of fades away and life is blissfully calm for a while…

Tonight was one of those nights. And they don’t happen every night. So you know I cherished every single moment.

The kitchen was cleaned. The lunches were made. Hub had his shirt starched and crisp [just like Daddy’s always was] and the tie he’d picked out had gotten the wifey seal of approval.

I’ve gotten him addicted to my nightly ritual of hot peppermint tea with honey, so tonight we shared a cup together. But most importantly we shared what had been going on with each other. A ‘state of affairs’ meeting, if you will :)

The ‘state of affairs’ with Katie was wonderful at the moment. I had just spent some quiet moments with the Lord. And boy had He guided me that night. I had just read an excerpt from prayer warrior Jill Briscoe’s “Faith Dancing” book that reminded me of, and complemented, a lesson Mrs. Ruth McWhite had taught us at a chaplain meeting one afternoon.

Jill shared about a mountain-hike-adventure she’d taken with her own hubby. Her strong man had brought a large backpack and shouldered the burden of that day’s hiking needs. Jill packed light with only a pair of binoculars. Yet, as any woman would have done, she had collected dozens of little things here and there along the way. Her burden accumulated and became too much to continue on with. Her husband became aware of her burden and told her to put it in his backpack. The husband could handle it, and the weight of Jill’s burden was shifted.

Mrs. Ruth had given us the analogy of walking along a mountain path, with trails unfamiliar to us. If we were to run ahead of our guide, we would likely choose the wrong path. And if we were to fall behind our guide, we also may not see the correct trail the guide took and become lost. We had to walk in step with our guide, by their side, looking at how he walked and making sure we followed suit.

In these stories, Christ is my husband and my guide. He is the one who knows the exact path to travel and how to travel it. And Christ is the one who, if I walk in communion with Him, can take those heavy burdens upon Himself. Not to rid them from my life, as the burdens would serve their purpose through their season in my life, but to shoulder the pain and weight of the potentially incapacitating load.

It’s because Christ is mighty and able to do so! What other being alive has shouldered burdens like Him? Who else has borne and yet risen victorious over them? My Christ, the High Priest described in Hebrews 4:16-18!

As I experienced the Lord’s desire, and His command, to cast my burdens on Him, I really had to stop and think for a moment exactly WHAT it would be, what it would look like, to ‘cast my burdens’ on Him. In the stillness of being with Him, He poured truth in my heart: “Let it go. Cease striving. Quit trying to control. Recognize Who IS in control. Trust.”

Oh Lord- but how to trust? “Remember. Me. Faithful. Holy. Lord. God. Know that I have been God, that I am God, and that I always will be God. In your life. And forever.”

Oh His voice. I live for that. Here is the last little bit from my prayer journal with Him that night [something I share with an intimate few- you’re berry special :) ]

“Jesus. Faithful Lord. I trust the next step You will lead my foot on. I will not terror over steps not yet taken. I will not labor over burdens I do not yet even bear. Some of these present steps I do take yield present burdens… and it’s ok- I trust You. I trust Your control over what I can’t, and claim Your strength over what I can. I watch Your Face. I worship.”

“Nevertheless I am continually with Thee; Thou hast taken hold of my right hand. With Thy counsel Thou wilt guide me, and afterward receive me to glory. Whom have I in heaven but Thee? And besides Thee I desire nothing on earth. My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:23-26

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Lauren Faison said...

I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG!!! :0) it is so encouraging and i can't wait to be a wife!! :0)