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"I said to the Lord, 'Thou art my Lord;

I have no good besides Thee.'" Ps 16:2

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Grace for TODAY

In Dillon for the day [love being able to make day trips up] for a wedding and a birthday dinner. Hangin out at Mama and Daddy’s- trying not to call it ‘home’ anymore because I have a new ‘home’ now with Grayson :D The need to blog hit suddenly and I HAD to respond!

Sat down in Mama’s ‘Quiet Time Corner’ and just had to LAUGH because it is JUST like mine- a sunny corner full of books, books, BOOKS, Bibles, and [of course] tissues.

Baby Sugie jumped up to sit with me!

Sometimes I wonder if the Lord looks at me as one of His ‘high-maintenance’/exhausting children. I say that because a large part of my every-waking-moment is spent directing my thoughts, concerns, praises, excitements toward Him [and I think none other than the Lord could handle this.] And a part of me knows that He CHERISHES me integrating and involving Him into ALL aspects of my life.

But the most beautiful moments are the ones that are still. The ones where I choose to silence myself or the Lord chooses to silence me. As one saint put it “An inward reverence, the bowing down of the soul in the presence of God…a solemn consciousness of the Divine, a secret communion with the unseen.” And He speaks. But not with words. Though He will speak to my heart in many ways, the past few days have consisted of those familiar ‘illuminations’- insights, truths, realities that I myself would never have produced on my own. Moments when the actual Source of truth, wisdom, and knowledge fills my blind heart with His grace.

Hub hub serenaded me while I blogged

These moments lately He has been teaching me the preciousness of a DAY- looking at my life in the time increments of a 24 hour DAY. To explain:

I am a RECOVERING chronic-planner, who’s planning fits often extended into weeks, months, and years. Despite the temporary sense of control ‘planning’ brings, it actually ends up having the opposite effect and shows us how much I am actually NOT in control. Not only can I not even control my future, but I also couldn’t even handle KNOWING what my future would actually hold [check out Ecclesiastes 3:11,14 & 7:14.]

I was sharing my concerns about a future that I could neither predict nor control with my sister-in-law when she wisely interjected- “Katie. Its DAILY bread.” And she was so right, and I knew in that instant the Lord needed me to understand that. We as His children ask Him for our daily bread, manna for today, the needs we have today. Not yearly bread, or monthly bread, or even weekly bread. Today’s bread... Today’s grace…

When the need arose in me to plan [something I’ve been able to recognize and call out as ‘control’] what actually would happen is that I would be faced with a big, black, gaping, terrifying future that I realized I could do nothing about. I had to stop and look back and see the beautiful organization of events that the Lord had woven in my past until now, and seek His face for this day’s, this moment’s grace.

Today’s grace is never lacking from Him, and each day of walking beside Him never ceases to bring a present of peace that leads to a future of hope.

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